Learn How to Automate your Solopreneur Business in 1 day by Haraya Del Rosario Gust

Learn How to Automate your Solopreneur Business in 1 day

What is this course all about?

With the use of systems, techniques and technology, Ia have put together this super simple course to help solopreneurs bring their business online and automated in just one day. 

Many of the tools you will learn here have taken Ia over the past 5 to 10 years to refine, so if you use them you will be able to save yourself the same amount of time going through your own learning curve.

This course is for solopreneurs who already have an existing solopreneur business and looking for ways on how to bring their business online. Unfortunately, this is not for individuals who are thinking of starting a solopreneur business.

What's included?

Video Icon 8 videos File Icon 5 files


Introduction to the course
4 mins
Lesson 1
Consolidating Your Client List
3 mins
Client List Template
5.84 KB
Lesson 2
Consolidating Your Service List
6 mins
Service List Template
5.09 KB
Lesson 3
Organize Your Calendar
6 mins
Calendar Template
57.9 KB
Lesson 4
Setting-up Your Online Office
6 mins
Tell Your Story Template
13 KB
Lesson 5
Gather Your Terms of Service for Legal Compliance
1 min
Lesson 6
Choose a Platform to Setup Your Online Presence
29 mins
Lesson 7
Free Email Template to Announce Your Business
2 mins
Free Email Marketing Message
6.49 KB